About Meryl

“When you truly desire something with all your heart & soul, the entire universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

              Believing in this truth has seen me come along way, from just dreaming about a Masters at Miami Ad School to actually becoming part of this exciting experience. I now believe myself to be a fairly good     decision maker; after all I was able to survive this challenge I chose for myself, an experience that reassured me, that this is where and what I want to be. 

           I’m Meryl Fernandes, someone whose idea of a perfect day is a storm, someone who never                  understood why people call sunny days perfect weather. My productivity levels increase in cloudy weather and I like my morning cereal in warm milk. I’m a copywriter but a visual learner. To me words are the most precise expression of ideas. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but in conveying those thousand words in a few catchy phrases lies the skill of the modern copywriter. Copywriting has helped me realize how words are the wings of ideas, how the new digital mediums reinforce the need for copy. I believe that the best copy comes from the heart, that if you do not enjoy writing it, no ones going to enjoy reading it.          Although writing is my trade I have acquired knowledge about more than just the language of advertising. Miami Ad School has enhanced my creative capabilities. It has given me the privilege to work with some     talented people from around the world and share some fun times together.

           Born into the digital era of engagement and interaction I have learnt to think across communication mediums. To me, a big idea is founded on human truths and insights that give strategic focus to messages. Raised as a perfectionist, I was taught to settle for nothing but the best, which makes me a harsh critic of my work.  I always put myself in the shoes of the recipient & wonder if I would buy it? Growth to me is continuous improvement.

            I want to be a part of this industry because it has taught me humility. I believe advertising is the only pompous yet practical industry that challenges you, daily. It keeps you curious about technology, trends and lifestyles. It’s dynamism and glamour have always lured me to believe that one day, something I create will solve someone’s problems and be received by billions of people. Finally, to me life is a heroic journey, and having a competitive attitude is essential to growth and success. Happy ending are my thing, I believe that like in our movies our lives too must have happy endings that in the end if you aren’t happy, then it isn’t the end and life surely has something better in store for you.